Solar Power Systems

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Power your shed using sunlight harvested from its roof

EcoBoxx – Power 4 Free
  • No need for an electrician
  • Safe for indoor use
  • Makes no noise
  • Cost-effective power supply alternative
  • Easily installed at the time of construction
  • Can be retro-fitted to any existing shed
  • Easily transportable

Judd’s Garages is excited to offer innovative, proven and convenient off-grid solar energy system that will save you on electricity bills! EcoBoxx® is an out-of-the-box solution that can power a wide range of common appliances and devices – using free sunlight harvested from your shed roof.

Judds Garages can install EcoBoxx® quickly and easily when we erect your shed, without the need for an electrician to run power from your house.

A complete kit solution, the EcoBoxx comes with the solar panels, inverter, battery and a variety of output sockets including AC, DC and USB power for maximal convenience.

As well, the EcoBoxx system is versatile and portable, giving you the opportunity to simply unplug the unit. Take it elsewhere when needed, such as camping or for additional power needs when on the move. Then just plug it back into the shed to charge it up again.


Up to 100 hours of portable power

  • Built-in 300W pure sine wave inverter
  • Built-in 24Ah AGM battery
  • 30W solar panel kit
  • AC charger included
EcoBoxx 300 portable solar power system from Judds Garages, official distributor for the Lake Macquarie area


Up to 350 hours of portable power

  • Built-in 1500W pure sine wave inverter
  • Built-in 20A MPPT solar charge controller
  • Built-in LCD status monitor
  • Anderson plug connection
250W solar panel kit
  • LED 3W portable light
  • AC charger included
  • Available with and without Ecotank 100 (as shown at right)
EcoBoxx 1500 with optional Ecotank 100

How it works

How EcoBoxx works – light from the sun`

1. Energy from the sun

The sun is a natural renewable source of power, which gives life to the earth through light and heat. The process of solar energy begins when photons are created through the fusion of atoms in the sun’s core, which generates solar power.

How EcoBoxx works – photovoltaic cells

2. Solar panels

Photons are harnessed through solar panels using photovoltaic cells, which consist of two layers of treated silicon. The bottom layer is positively charged and the top layer is negatively charged. Sunlight hitting the solar panel moves electrons create DC (direct current) electricity.

How EcoBoxx works – DC or AC power for appliances

3. AC/DC

Electrical power is delivered in two ways: Alternating current (AC) and Direct current (DC). A battery stores power as DC and, if required, is changed to AC using an inverter. This allows a battery provide not just DC electricity but also AC power like your home wall socket.

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